Innovation, entrepreneurship and changing the world

Innovation, entrepreneurship and changing the world have been in the news a lot recently. The death of Apple founder Steve Jobs has given rise to a lot of discussion about the importance of those people who are prepared to think outside the box; to have an bright idea, to execute it with skill and to have an impact on people’s lives and way of live through their spark of entrepreneurship. Having the spark is one thing – igniting the flame with opportunity is another.

Some of Norfolk’s shining stars have been granted that opportunity through the Norfolk Way’s bursary scheme. At our Enterprise Forum in September, we celebrated their achievement and came together to wish them well as they embark on their training schemes with their mentor. Enabling young people to find their space and shape their lives based on their talents and interests has also been in the news; be it in response to the increasing of University fees or the start of Alan Sugar’s ‘Young Apprentice’ show this week! We eagerly watch this space and wish our Bursary winners all the very best for their sparkling futures!

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