Norfolk Way Bursary Scheme

The Norfolk Way Exemplar Scheme Progress Report 2015   worldofwork
January 2015 – with an invitation to the House of Commons, with an organised tour, sitting in on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office questions, and a lunch meeting with George Freeman MP. Josh’s work experience began early when he was asked to write a piece for the Eastern Daily Press about the visit!

House of Commons visit photo

Catherine, Marcie, Paddy, Tapiwa and Joshua at the House of Commons

February 2015
One of the students Marcie was given the opportunity to spend two days with the event photographer to assist in a fashion shoot involving young children. It was busy and tiring, but Marcie learnt a lot about the industry and especially about lighting and camera techniques as well as looking after children and their parents! This was followed up by a visit to a Fashion Show at the Maddermarket Theatre during Norwich Fashion Week in March which gave Marcie an insight in to the busy world of catwalk shows and photography.

Summer 2015
Our five students were busy with their GCSE’s and AS level examinations over the summer term so our time was spent securing placements for them which they could undertake during the summer break.

Tapiwa and Jan Cockburn went to RBS – Tapi has an interest in becoming a financial analyst – and discussed options with Regional managers Simon Lubbock and Colin Stocker. Simon kindly agreed to put together a summer project for Tapiwa. Tapiwa has liaised directly with the team at RBS to build the project; however a combination of staff holidays and weeks in which Tapi was unavailable; the project has not yet begun. However it is a live project and Colin Stocker is now leading on this. The brief is almost complete – the delay just means that Tapi will need to be very focused as it will mean potential clashes with his A2 studies, however a clear week during half term will be utilised effectively.

Marcie Francis and Jan Cockburn went to visit H2 Creative to discuss a brief on her taking some images for their portfolio in the North Norfolk Area during the summer. This brief has now changed to Marcie taking photos for the Visit Norwich publication – which she is currently undertaking. We and H2 Creative are really looking forward to seeing her work which will form a part of a professional publication.

Marcie in Norwich Market

Marcie in Norwich Market

Marcie will be presenting her Visit Norwich photograph portfolio to H2 Creative very shortly.
Joshua Ratcliffe spent two days at  howes_percival as an introduction to law. He enjoyed his two days there very much and we are currently looking to secure a placement with a Barrister to provide an insight into another branch of the profession. It is intended that Joshua will undertake this towards the end of the summer holiday or in October half term.
Catherine Lee will complete a John Innes centre placement at half term, once the summer Nuffield and Post Grad students have finished their placements. Catherine herself has been busy over the summer with cadet and summer school commitments.
Paddy Simonds has spent three days at  anglia_farmers which included the following:

– Attending membership meetings
– HR induction, H&S etc.
– membership services team ( Risk management) attachment
– AF Finance, Credit control etc.
– Risk Register review and discussion
– Accounts dept. Statement Reconciliation work, Invoicing, credit control, scanning etc.

Paddy in the office at Anglia Farmers

Paddy in the office at Anglia Farmers

Paddy is looking to spend some more time at Anglia Farmers to increase his knowledge – this is currently being arranged. He has also received guidance on his agricultural college choices to meet his career aspirations.

Of his time at AF, Paddy said, “My time at Anglia Farmers was both enjoyable and very informative. During my work experience I was given hands on experience in many areas of the business such as credit control, risk management and accountancy, I was also allowed to sit in on many meetings. This gave me hands on experience on how a large business functions on a day to day basis. Everyone at Anglia Farmers was extremely welcoming, especially Grant who planned my time there in great detail so I could be as productive as possible.”

Forward Plans:

Confidence building exercise

We will be getting the students together during October half term to take a trip to the Menagerie theatre in Cambridge to take part in a presentation and public speaking course.

Future 50
Future 50

Along with Archant, Nwes are launching the Future50 in early September. This will pull together some of the most entrepreneurial talents in the county – showcasing their work and accelerating their plans for growth. As a part of the series of exclusive events accompanying the programme we will be attracting leading business speakers to the county as well as hosting a series of dinners. To introduce the Future50 to the young talent available in the county the Norfolk Way graduates will be invited to all appropriate events. They will have the opportunity to learn from established businesses, make contacts with exciting new companies, organise “pop up” placements and receive mentoring. This programme will last through the 2015/16 academic year. It will provide a real insight into the entrepreneurial life of the county and act as an aspirational boost.


During this first year we have been learning what it is that motivates the students, what business can supply and how best to measure the outputs. We will continue to support this first tranche of young people through this academic year. It is clear that this needs to be a two year programme to tie in with student holidays, provide a depth of support and to produce a meaningful intervention. Lessons learned will inform future tranches of students and enable us to build a more extensive portfolio of bespoke experiences.

A “graduation” will take place in late spring 2016 which will also be the launch of the next tranche of the Norfolk Way. The graduation will take the form of a dinner with carefully selected businesses and the Norfolk Way graduates which will act as a final “mentoring” session with each business committing to one action to support the graduating branch and the next tranche. Supporters will also be invited and appropriate media interventions arranged.

The winners of the 2014 scheme at Wayland Academy in November 2014