Starting my Norfolk Way journey

I was surprised but pleased to be selected to attend an Assessment Day organised by the Norfolk Way. When the assessment day arrived, I went not knowing what to expect, but I felt that my training in the Air Cadets would help me in whatever activities were put before us, it turned out to be a great day.

Once I had been awarded a Bursary I was introduced to my mentor Mark, who immediately put me at ease and has supported me fully in every way. Thanks to his help and contacts I am undergoing work experience and training at Gym Amazon in the requirements needed to become a Physical Training Instructor. The gym manager Jamie (ex military) has inspired and steered me towards my future goal.

With the help of the Bursary I am awaiting clarification of a start date to commence a level 2 Gym Instructor Course, which linked to my Easton College course, will help shape my future.

Jack Wellstead, Bursary Award winner

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