Norfolk Way wins Grassroot Diplomat Award 2015

Last night The Norfolk Way won a Grassroot Diplomat Award at a ceremony in London, winning the Business Driver category.


George Freeman MP, founder of The Norfolk Way, said: ‘With my Positive Politics! and It Starts Here! campaigns, I pledged to champion a new mode of grassroots politics, acting as Mid Norfolk’s MP in Westminster, not the other way round. I also set out a vision of what I called a ‘Rural Renaissance’: advocating a new vision for rural planning and the local economy through my The Norfolk Way project, showing that, with small businesses and smaller pockets of housing in villages and towns, it IS possible to build new houses AND maintain our heritage, making our area a vibrant hub of enterprise and opportunity. Winning this award on behalf of The Norfolk Way is a tremendous honour, and is down to the great work done by volunteers, businesses and local communities throughout Mid Norfolk.’


The Norfolk Way goes from strength to strength with the first ever Norfolk Innovation Awards 2015 on Thursday 19th March at 6.30pm at Wymondham High Academy, championing the world-leading science in our region with the Norwich Research Park and our proximity to the Cambridge Cluster. A new round of The Norfolk Way Rural Enterprise Bursaries have also been announced, with the students that have been selected for this year’s Bursary Scheme at Wayland Academy visiting Parliament. This scheme is about encouraging our youngsters to aspire to take their opportunities. Through NWES, they will be given some great work experience placements.


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