Norfolk MP meets Sir Richard Branson to highlight importance of promoting self employment in rural communities

First published January 26th 2012

Speaking in Parliament in a debate on the merits of promoting self employment to school leavers, GF highlighted the particualr importance of self employment in the rural economy, the importance of helping school leavers experience self employment through mentoring schemes like The Norfolk Way work experience Bursary, and the need to encourage non- academic school leavers to realise the opportunities self employment offers:

‘A vibrant Norfolk needs a vibrant rural economy with lots of small businesses and self employment. We must prepare our youngsters not to expect a job for life, but to be ready to be enterprising and prepare to be self employed at some stage in their career. the Rural ecomomy in places like Norfolk traditionally has high levels of self employment, but the new jobs of tomorrow, whether in the fast growing sectors of media and technology or in locally sourced speciality foods and crafts, also rely heavily on self employment.’

‘Richard Branson didn’t go to University.  He started  the Virgin Empire with £300.  It now employs 60000 people and is worth billions. I am delighted that Sir Richard Branson has agreed to meet me to discuss The Norfolk Way Bursary and how we can help to promote Norfolk’s rural entrepreneurs who will build the businesses of tomorrow’.


Read more;

“Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson backs Norfolk MP George Freeman’s rural business bursary”

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