March 2012 Enterprise Forum

We saw a crowd of 60 Norfolk entrepreneurs gather at the stunningly converted Houghton Barn, in South Pickenham for our latest Forum. Thanks to all the speakers and attendees who came and showed their support for The Norfolk Way.

Thursday 22 March, 1800 for 1830, Houghton on the Hill, PE37 8DP

Let’s face it; Norfolk has a history of doing different. It’s a place with a centuries old tradition of pioneering and innovation. From Lord Townshend’s four course rotation to Bernard Matthews turkey with everything.

Today’s Norfolk’s entrepreneurs are not always easy to spot. They often excel in niche global markets, yet are not well known here on their own doorstep. That can make it harder for our next generation of local entrepreneurs to see what’s possible here.

The Norfolk Way exists to connect Norfolk entrepreneurs of all generations. Encouraging the successful to inspire and support those still at school. Our bursary scheme picks students with that vital spark. They’re often maverick and usually eager to become more entrepreneurial.

Our vision is that people will be doing different here successfully for generations to come.

Mid-way between Swaffham and Watton, Houghton Barns are a stunning example of how 18th Century farm buildings can meet 21st century needs. The place even has its own postcode so is very satnav friendly. This barnstormer of an evening will have a thought provoking programme.


1800:   Registration

1830:   Introduction – Robert Ashton, Chairman, The Norfolk Way

 1835:   Any place can be the right place – John Cushing, Thursford Christmas Spectacular

1855:   Questions

1905:   Just doing it – Stewart Bell, Bell’s Confectionery Emporium, Swaffham 

1915:   Questions

1920:   Discussion – Panel = Emma Finn from New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, Richard Glinn from Foundation East, Jeremy Philippi from Anglia Farmers and George Freeman MP  2000:   Get involved – George Freeman MP, Founder The Norfolk Way

2010:   Food & networking

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