Bursary winners announced

On September 28th, The Norfolk Way, a not-for-profit social enterprise founded by George Freeman and local business people in 2007, announced its first Bursary Awards winners at their Enterprise Forum held at Fakenham Racecourse.

The winners Jack Wellstead, Meg Douglass-Ellis and Sasha Perkins were introduced to an audience of leading Norfolk Entrepreneurs and supporters and congratulated for the potential they had demonstrated as entrepreneurs of the future during an assessment day in May.

Each bursary holder has now been matched with a mentor able to offer relevant encouragement and advice in their field of interest and is now set to receive ongoing support through the scheme.

The event also outlined the challenges and rewards of starting a business in rural Norfolk. Guest speakers Diana Brockleback Scott, founder of Creake Abbey Farmers’ Market and enterprise centre, and Madhu Choudhry, founder of local cookery and catering business Ethnic Fusion, spoke about the inspiration behind their businesses and what it was like to be an entrepreneur.

George Freeman, Founder of The Norfolk Way Enterprise Forum, which initiated the scheme said:

“There are a huge number of opportunities right on our doorstep here in rural Norfolk. It’s important that we keep the needs of emerging enterprises in the forefront of our minds and that’s exactly what the forum is all about.”

The event was chaired by Social Entrepreneur, government advisor and business author Robert Ashton who added:

“We’ve seen and heard from some really inspiring entrepreneurs here. I have no doubt that Jack, Meg and Sasha are already fast developing their entrepreneurial skills through the scheme and we look forward to seeing them develop further as our young ambassadors of the future.”

Bursary winners with Robert Ashton (left), George Freeman (right), and mentor Ali Clabburn (second from right)

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